“In order to write a book, do a deed, make a picture with some life in it, one has to be alive oneself”

– Vincent Van Gogh

Executive, Leadership and Personal Development Coaching


Individual: Each session is 45-60 minutes.
6 month contract: Includes 12 sessions, phone and email support ( in person, phone or wilderness based)
1 day Expeditionary Intensive: Equivalent of 6 coaching sessions plus pre-event session, transportation to site, supplies, activities and 2 post event sessions
Strength/fitness coaching:

Online Coaching program:


10-12 week 1:1 ongoing support for physical, emotional and spiritual strength building


8 Week Leadership Program: Self guided, prompted 8 week challenge to decrease burnout, increase energy, improve relationships and increase professional effectiveness.

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Groups and Teams

Customized coaching groups include for example, high impact teams, and management groups

Workshops and Key Notes:

  • Personal Power and Choice
  • Evocative Imagery: The experience of metaphor in the coaching conversation
  • Metaphor and Authentic leadership
  • Nothing about me without me (patient engagement)
  • Authentic Connections (health care provider communication)
  • Tap into your essence; Inspire your work
  • Inspiring an experience of engagement (moving out of disengaged and burned out)


  • Wilderness-based coaching retreat for groups and teams (see blog for a little more detail)
    • Utilizing the environment and personal physical challenge to encourage  breakthroughs and transformation

Organization Experience Design

I provide coaching and consultation to influence organizational direction and strategic planning related to patient and employee experience design. PULP partners as a system champion dedicated to creating a culture of excellence in patient experience. Creatively design and support the development and deployment of organization strategies and action plans that increase and sustain internal and external customer satisfaction.

  • Consultation and education related to experience design
  • Validation and coaching of action plans and initiatives
  • Monthly meetings with leaders related to accountability and ability to drive change
  • Provide 1:1 Coaching with leaders and physicians related to communication
  • Consultation and education for responsiveness to customers

For individualized quote on prices, or customized key notes/groups/workshop/presentations/expeditions, please contact Kristen.

Coaching available by phone or in person for experiential coaching.