“At the center of your being you have the answer;
you know who you are, and you know what you want.”

– Lao Tzu

Expeditionary Coaching

Imagine a more expansive version of you!

Are you a curious, dynamic, and influential leader? Are you craving a space to expand your potential and personal truth? Are you seeking a place to be vulnerable and to think privately without the need to guard your privacy? Would you like to witness and trust your own physical strength?

Each expedition is a personalized coaching experience whether you elect to do a private 1 day intensive, a 1 day group retreat, an overnight or an extended group experience. Customize your professional coaching based on your individual and group needs.

1 Day Intensive Expeditions

Expand individually or as a group through the intentional exploration of self using the wilderness and way finding as a backdrop for discovering authenticity. Experience the clarity that comes from physical challenges while in the wild. Leave the expedition with insight, clarity, trust and a bold sense of personal power.  Includes one, pre-expedition coaching session, a 6-8 hour individualized coaching expedition, 2 follow up coaching sessions.

The 1 day group retreat includes one, pre-expedition coaching session per person, a 6-8 hour individualized group coaching expedition and one post-expedition coaching session for the leader.

*Alternate coaching expedition designs can be made based on your preferences. Contact Kristen directly to create a structure that works for you.

Please contact Kristen directly for personalized cost structure. Payment is due prior to initial coaching session.

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Backpacking Engagement Retreat 

June 6-9, 2019

3 Nights backpacking in the Rawah Wilderness, Northern Colorado.

Backpacking equipment, food and transportation provided from Fort Collins, Co.

In the wilderness we have a chance to find our significance when we leave our egos at the trailhead and discover.  We learn what engages us completely, what energizes us, what would make us more effective and more connected. We learn what is deeply meaningful to ourselves. We listen to the silence, we listen to our hearts, and we tune in to the whispers in the wind that only we individually can hear.  We listen and find new parallels and perspectives that help us design anew.

Have the ENERGY to do what is most important to you!

Your professional instructional team will help you have a safe and joy filled adventure.  Their skills and background of coaching, wilderness education, executive leadership and personal development will assist you through your empowering experience.

Travel Arrangements – arrangements will be advised per individualized event. Transportation to the trail head from Fort Collins is provided.

Physical Ability – This expedition is designed to be challenging as well as safe. We ask for participants to be in moderate physical condition and to be responsible for knowing their health limits.

Safety on the trip – Safety is our number one priority. Your leaders are specifically trained in Wilderness First Response and Emergency Trauma Nursing with a focus on assessment and response to emergencies. They are highly skilled and will be able to address minor medical needs that may arrive on your journey. Processes are in place to support exiting the expedition should an emergency arise.

Occasional encounters with wildlife such as moose, marmots and bears are possible. Your leaders will ensure that you have proper gear and food protection to limit the attraction of animals.

Safety involving skin care, traveling together, inclement weather etc. will be addressed on an ongoing basis with the individual or group.

Personal and technical gear – Upon confirmation of your registration, you will receive a list of supplies for your expedition. Your enrollment fee covers the cost of personal and group technical gear such as tents, camps stoves, sleeping bags etc and you are not required to provide your own.

Cost for your all inclusive individualized retreat is $750 paid in advance by May 1st.

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