The Opportunity to be a Great Warrior

This is my opportunity to be a great warrior.  Stepping forward and taking hold of it.  I’m armed with the little dipper full of dreams and possibilities and ideas.  Sprinkling almost like pixie dust to get things flowing.  The little pouring at the top of their heads when I’m present or energetically from afar.  I’m a dream warrior.  An energy spark of enthusiasm and personal power.  Much like inspiration.  And they are struck by an awareness of what they need in order to have their own power and follow it and love themselves while they do it.  It’s silent, the warrior gift.  It’s not aggressive or striking or scary.  A shadow sprinkling but more like a pour over with a thin veil of YES I CAN, delivered magically without even knowing what happened.  As a warrior I evoke the passion, compassion and release of tears and soul, rinsing the body to allow what’s next… whatever comes next in a natural rhythm or cycle without attachment to outcomes.

Who are you as a warrior?

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