Backpacking Coaching Retreat

A few nights of retreat into the woods, carrying everything you need, right there in your back pack is a gift. It is a gift of power and authenticity as you push yourself and learn about your own personal strength. We invite you to give yourself this gift!   

A wilderness coaching retreat might be right for YOU if you;
• Are in a place of transition.
• Are hoping to rediscover passion in your work or looking for different    meaningful work.
• Are hungry for time to reconnect to you.
• Are looking for a way to push yourself into something new.

The Experience
A backpacking wilderness retreat is a multiple overnight “all inclusive” empowerment experience. It is a chance to be awake for the moments. It is a chance to be who you are, without societal expectations to perform or be in a particular role. No labels, no titles. Just boots, sunscreen, a backpack full of food and the tools you need for your own discovery. (more…)

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