Backpacking Coaching Retreat

A few nights of retreat into the woods, carrying everything you need, right there in your back pack is a gift. It is a gift of power and authenticity as you push yourself and learn about your own personal strength. We invite you to give yourself this gift!   

A wilderness coaching retreat might be right for YOU if you;
• Are in a place of transition.
• Are hoping to rediscover passion in your work or looking for different    meaningful work.
• Are hungry for time to reconnect to you.
• Are looking for a way to push yourself into something new.

The Experience
A backpacking wilderness retreat is a multiple overnight “all inclusive” empowerment experience. It is a chance to be awake for the moments. It is a chance to be who you are, without societal expectations to perform or be in a particular role. No labels, no titles. Just boots, sunscreen, a backpack full of food and the tools you need for your own discovery. (more…)

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Symbols that Break Through; The Research

Coaching using metaphor expands the conversation in a creative, imaginative way.  Consider the words you’ve heard from clients; I carry the world on my shoulders, I’m between a rock and a hard place, I’m navigating, I can’t see, I’m spinning plates etc. These are examples of words clients use to describe their situation in terms of something else and are not actually their literal truth but instead are metaphors.  (more…)

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The Opportunity to be a Great Warrior

This is my opportunity to be a great warrior.  Stepping forward and taking hold of it.  I’m armed with the little dipper full of dreams and possibilities and ideas.  Sprinkling almost like pixie dust to get things flowing.  The little pouring at the top of their heads when I’m present or energetically from afar.  I’m a dream warrior.  An energy spark of enthusiasm and personal power.  Much like inspiration.  And they are struck by an awareness of what they need in order to have their own power and follow it and love themselves while they do it.  It’s silent, the warrior gift.  It’s not aggressive or striking or scary.  A shadow sprinkling but more like a pour over with a thin veil of YES I CAN, delivered magically without even knowing what happened.  As a warrior I evoke the passion, compassion and release of tears and soul, rinsing the body to allow what’s next… whatever comes next in a natural rhythm or cycle without attachment to outcomes.

Who are you as a warrior?

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Welcome to my Spontaneous Metaphor Booth!

An idea sparked by from Natalie Goldberg’s idea of a “Spontaneous Writing Booth” in which she encourages writers to practice writing by doing a poem on demand. She suggests that you write it, and let it out into the world.  My joy is metaphor and the warrior came as a prompt that my writing buddy and I used to practice.  So here I let my joy out into the world.

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